Radial Fan

Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal Fan

Drive Types
Directly Mounted - D
Belt Drive - B
Coupling Drive - C
Double Inlet - DI
Single Inlet - SI
Direction of rotation and angular reference is determined from the drive side
Left  - L - Left Rotation
Right - R - Right Rotation
Outlet Radial Fan Position According to Eurovent
Proper dispatch of fresh air, the maximum efficient type of radial fans.
Appropriate referral dusty air, particles sticking to the wing structure which prevents radial fans.
Over the dusty air dispatch appropriate, structured self-cleaning blade radial fans.
BH,BM,BN,BP and BF Types
Backward Curved
Efficiency up to %86
PTF Types
Centrifugal Fan Selection

Before selecting the Centrifugal Fan, below issues should be taken into account in order to make the best selection that satisfies the necessities.

1-The required air flow rate  ( m3/h or m3/minute )

2-Required static or total pressure ( mmSS, Pa ) during the operation of ventilation.

3-The density, temperature and contents ( dust, cleanliness etc )

4-The acceptable noise level at the medium of Fan. ( The diversions of nominal Fan efficiency increases the energy consumption and noise level)

5-Physical Montage conditions( montage area, Channel connection etc)

Berfan develops and optimizes individually designed partial and complete solutions for almost all industrial air handling applications. Large and special
fans from Berfan are unique systems which are optimised for each application with the best possible efficiency and maximum availability.

Industrial fans are valuable equipments for moving air and materials required in a wide variety of manufacturing processes and industries, including
cement, power, mining, coal treatment, pollution control, oil and gas, ethanol and steel. They are used for a myriad of applications, including
supplying combustion air for burners, to move dirty air streams, remove particulates from exhaust streams, ventilating mine shafts, blowing coal dust
into power plant furnaces, recirculate process gases, or induce drafts in kilns used to manufacture cement and other materials. Due to the extreme
environments in which they are often used, these fans are frequently subject to corrosive chemicals, high temperatures and abrasive air streams.
Therefore, for reliable service they must be carefully engineered. The latest computer modeling technologies, such as finite element analysis and
computational fluid dynamics, are often employed in the design.
Radial Blades
Efficiency up to %75
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Centrifugal Fan
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Centrifugal Fan, (Radial Fan) up to 1.000.000m3/h
Berfan products, standard and specifically chosen components not only maximize the efficiency of products but also increase the quality of products
with low prices. Availability of various spare parts for all industrial areas also provides significant privileges for our Customer. Special manufactured rigid 
steel  rotors offer the long life operation time and  reliability of equipments.

A Centrifugal Blower Fan is a mechanical device for handling air of all types. It has an impeller composed of a number of blades. The impeller is fixed to a
shaft through hub. The shaft is mounted on two bearing on pedestal and driven by a pulley and belt. The impeller can be directly mounted on a motor
shaft in case the blower is to limited size where bearings, pulley and belt are eliminated. The impeller creates the centrifugal force which draws the air
through inlet and discharged through the outlet. Dampers are used to control air flow. We design & manufacture fans exactly matching its purpose.
Moreover, we are counted amongst the prominent Centrifugal Fans Manufacturers in Turkey.

Product Description: Containing different materials used in the suction of the air.
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