High Pressured Fans

High Pressured Fans
The field of application of high-pressure fans extends over almost all
branches of industry. Our high-pressure fans cover a pressure range from
1.000 to 40.000 Pa. Thanks to their simple and solid construction, these fans
know how to convince. Whether they are used as a blower in an industrial
washing machine or as a ventilation fan in a compost works, these machines
perform every day.


Pressure blowers provide air for Burners, Furnaces, High pressure process
applications, Water treatment plants, Dairy, Ceramic plants, Textile plants
and many Conveyig system, include combustion air, pressure and vacuum
drying, product cooling, primary air supply to ejectors, liquid agitation, glass
blowing and cooling, water blow-off, air pollution control systems, exhausting,
pneumatic conveying and gas boosting. Available in different arrangements
and 8 discharge position to meet your needs and specification.
Left  - R - Left Rotation
Right - R - Right Rotation
Outlet Radial Fan Position According to Eurovent
Drive Types
Directly Mounted - D
Belt Drive - B
Coupling Drive - C
Direction of rotation and angular reference is determined from the drive side
High Prressured Fan Selection

Before selecting the Centrifugal Fan, below issues should be taken into account in order to make the best selection that satisfies the necessities.

1-The required air flow rate  ( m3/h or m3/minute )

2-Required static or total pressure ( mmSS, Pa ) during the operation of ventilation.

3-The density, temperature and contents ( dust, cleanliness etc )

4-The acceptable noise level at the medium of Fan. ( The diversions of nominal Fan efficiency increases the energy consumption and noise level)

5-Physical Montage conditions( montage area, Channel connection etc)
Our High Pressured Centrifugal Fans
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