Jet Fan

Jet Fans - Tunnel & Car Typ Jet Fans

Berfan Jet Fans Ventilation System provides an efficient and cost effective solution for normal ventilation or smoke
extraction in enclosed, multi-storey and underground car parks. The jet fans principle offers different possibilities for
two different targets: normal ventilation for CO removal and High Temperature ventilation for smoke extraction in
case of fire. A combination of both is possible through dual purpose jet fans. Jet fan ventilation systems typically
consist of three ventilation elements (supply, impulse and discharge) managed through a CO and/or Smoke
detection and control system.

- Supply elements may consist of access ramp, ventilation shaft, side wall openings eventually with the addition,
when necessary, of supply fans.

- Jet fans are the impulse elements, necessary to set air into motion towards the direction of the discharge

- Discharge elements can be, again, openings in the walls or shafts with the addition, when necessary, of extract
Flow  : 1.000 - 100.000 m³/h
Pressure :
  200 - 2.500 mmSS
Inlt Size : 300 - 900 mm
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Jet Fan Properties
Reversible - BFTD Two Direction
Unidirection - BFTS One Direction

Fan Diameter :
BFTD : 355 to 500mm, Reversible.
BFTS : 315 to 400mm, One Direction.
Fan Matarial: Aluminum, SS, CS.
Fan Gövdesi: Elektro Galvaniz Kaplama veya Isıya dayanıklı Boya ile boyanmaktadır.