Drive Types
Directly Mounted - D
Belt Drive - B
Coupling Drive - C
Material Transport Fans
Material Handling Fans

Berfan products, standard and specifically chosen components not only
maximize the efficiency of products but also increase the quality of
products with low prices. Availability of various spare parts for all industrial
areas also provides significant privileges for our Customer. Special
manufactured rigid  steel  rotors offer the long life operation time and 
reliability of equipments.

Industrial Materials Handling Fans feature open type radial blade fan
wheels and are well suited for installations involving exhaust, material
conveying, pollution control, air circulation, and a variety of other industrial
applications.  Each fan wheel is statically and dynamically balanced on
electronic equipment prior to being assembled in the fan.  In addition, each
materials-handling fan is tested at or near operating speed after assembly
and the balance is fine-tuned as a complete assembly.  The open-type
radial-blade fan wheel design is extremely rugged using heavy gauge
steel/cast steel components which are jig assembled for accuracy and
consistency.  All fan wheels are assembled using cast steel spiders and
precision laser-cut armor plate paddles.  All fan wheels are welded with
care to insure the maximum in strength and reliability. Berfan materials
handling fans may be belt-driven or direct-driven.  The belt-driven
configuration allows the motor to be mounted in any of the four standard
motor positions.  The direct-driven configuration uses a fan shaft and motor
direct coupled via a flexible coupling.  The integral motor sub-base is
fabricated of heavy gauge steel and securely reinforced for rigidity.  All
materials-handling fans are available in either clockwise or counter-
clockwise rotation.  The direction of rotation is determined from the drive
side the materials-handling fan.
Material Handling Fan Selection

Before selecting the Centrifugal Fan, below issues should be taken into account in order to make the best selection that satisfies the necessities.

1-The required air flow rate  ( m3/h or m3/minute )

2-Required static or total pressure ( mmSS, Pa ) during the operation of ventilation.

3-The density, temperature and contents ( dust, cleanliness etc )

4-The acceptable noise level at the medium of Fan. ( The diversions of nominal Fan efficiency increases the energy consumption and noise level)

5-Physical Montage conditions( montage area, Channel connection etc)
Left  - R - Left Rotation
Right - R - Right Rotation
Outlet Radial Fan Position According to Eurovent
Direction of rotation and angular reference is determined from the drive side
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