Quality Policy
Understand the existing and future customer needs, meet customer needs and striving to exceed customer expectations.
Leadership to establish · Middle purpose and direction, the company can become fully involved to achieve the goals of employees and create an environment to protect the environment.
Data and information to take effective decisions based on the analysis.
With suppliers, partner to create value, establish mutually beneficial relationships.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, BERFAN Quality Management System is used as an important tool for continuous assurance and improvement.
Radial Fan
Centrifugal Fan
Industrial Fans
Plug Fan,

Centrifugal Fans

High Pressured Fans, 

Material Transport Fans,
Axial Ventilator
Industrial Filter
Jet Pulse Filter,

Industrial Bag Filter, 

Cyclone Filters,

Filter Accessories, 
Other Manufacturer
Pipe Spool manufacturing,
(Fabrication and Field installation)

Manufacture of Steel Construction,
(Fabrication and field installation)
Jet Fans,

Axial Ventilators, 

Roof Type Ventilators,

Belt Drive Axial Ventilators,
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