Air Bag Filter

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Jet - Pulse filters Technical Specifications
5.000 - 200.000 m³/h range of capacity.
Special design fitting to all kinds of operating conditions.
Explosion cover which is standart within all modules.
Filter bags cables coated with electrogalvanization.
Minimum pressurized air consumption thanks to its fully automatic PLC Control Units and improved  Cleaning System.
Rigid system placed on steel chasis all of which is bolt mounted.
In the filter outlet, the emission values are very under the Environment Legislation
Filter bags is manufactured from the cloths that are appropriate for the dust load to be retained and its chemical structure, and the humidity and heat of the liquid.
Jet Pulse Filter
These filters are used as the dust capturing devices in the industrial facilities. They have been constituted by the air bags selected in accordance with the characteristics of dust and in optimal number, the air-lock, the conveyor unit, pressurized air system, automatic control system and the fan.

Application Area of Bag Filters

Our bag-filters are designed to be used in the following industrial areas;
Steel Making
Iron Foundries
Paper industry
Glass making
Ceramic industry
Powder handling
Material handling
Wood industry
Chemical Processing
Metal and plastics recycling
Powder material handling
Battery manufacturing facilitie
Cement and Rock Products
Primary metals included steel
Mixing and blending operations
Metal and plastics recycling
General industrial dust collection.

In an online bag filter, bags are cleaned row by row, even when the dust laden gas is filtered. The sequence of cleaning is controlled automatically by a sequence controller. This operates the assembly of solenoid and pulse valves which direct the air flow into the manifolds. The holes are jig drilled for perfect alignment with the venturi centre for achieving maximum cleaning efficiency.


In pulse jet bag filters, the cleaning process consists of sequentially isolating each compartment and cleaning it with compressed air. All compartments are then cleaned automatically. Offline cleaning is suitable for light and fine dust and for larger gas volumes where the occurrence of fluidisation is a distinct possibility.Gas flow through a compartment is stopped temporarily when the pulse cleaning of the bags is to be done. The dust dislodged from bags settles quickly in the hoppers because of absence of gas movement in the bag filter compartment. During this time the remaining compartments keep filtering the gases as usual. Each compartment is cleaned one after another in similar manner.The starting and stopping of gas flow through individual compartments is achieved through a power cylinder operated dampers. Generally the offline bag filter is employed for larger gas volumes.

The points to be kept in mind in making selection of bag are :

1. Bag is resistant to dust and gas (chemical/temperature)

2. Dust is easily dropped off

3. Bag collects dust effectively

4. Bag is resistant to abrasion by dust

5. Gas quantity/velocity.
Sizes available are virtually unlimited. From a small unit for a few hundred cfm, to over one million cfm reverse air units for foundries and steel mills, berfan has a dust collector to meet your specifications.
MODULAR: It's structure provides the decrease of logistics costs, shortening of production and installation time and ensures an unlimited capacity.

HIGHLY EFFICIENT:  industrial dusts are filtered at the rate of 99.9% and may be released if desired.

TOUGH: Cabin, side and top covers, reinforcement profiles, chassis and all support legs have appropriate metal sheet thickness and are pressure twisted and their tightness is ensured by the use of bolt and they are manufactured galvanized or of DKP metal sheet upon request.

LEAK FREE: With its easily openable and closeable maintenance covers and easily mountable and demountable dust collecting bucket, fitler replacement is easy and dust removal system is practical.

COMPACT: Thanks to its design, it occupies less room and leaves the production areas to you.

AUTOMATIC CLEANING: Thanks to its system, maintenance and operating costs are very low and filtering efficiency and filter life are very long.
The Pulse Jet Bag FilterJet Bag Filter is cleaned by a blast of compressed air. The filter bags are arranged in rows normally 12 or 14 per row and the number of rows depends on the filter size. A blowpipe is mounted above each row of bags and fed by a compressed air manifold (or tank) mounted on the outside of the filter. The blowpipe contains nozzles to coincide with the centre line of each bag. The cage that supports each bag incorporates an internal venturi mounted from the top wires. When each pipe receives a signal to blow, the appropriate diaphragm valve is opened by means of a solenoid valve allowing compressed air into the blowpipe.
An equal amount of compressed air is blown vertically downwards into each bag via the venturis. The venturi is fitted to increase the air entrainment down the bags. The additional air supplements the compressed air and adds to the cleaning process. Each row of bags therefore receives a short pulse of compressed air of approximately 100m sec duration.
The high pressure compressed air creates a shockwave down each bag causing it to release the majority of dust formed around the outside. This falls into the hopper below.
Each row of bags is normally cleaned at random so as not to clean one particular area of the filter at any one time. The signal to control the opening of each solenoid/diaphragm valve is instigated by an electronic sequence controller/monitor. The controller is fully adjustable in relation to pulse duration and pulse time i.e. the time to clean the complete number of rows of bags. Also within the controller is a differential pressure transducer. This is piped up to the inlet and outlet side of the bag filter and measures the differential pressure or pressure loss across the filter. This value is displayed on the monitor and also has a 4-20mA output signal.
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