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Radial Fan Impeller

Radial Fan Impeller
Radial fans are provided comprising impellers having backward inclined blades that are cambered radially inward and that are inclined at an angle less than about 40° relative to the tangential direction of the midpoint of a chord connecting the leading and trailing edges of each blade.

There are 6 basic types of blower wheels or Radial fan impellers used in industrial fans. They are:

  • Airfoil Blade
  • Open Radial Blade
  • Backward Curved
  • For High Pressure
  • Open Paddle Wheel
  • Backward Inclined

Berfan develops and optimizes individually designed partial and complete solutions for almost all industrial air handling applications. Large and special fans from Berfan are unique systems which are optimised for each application with the best possible efficiency and maximum availability.

Industrial fans are valuable equipments for moving air and materials required in a wide variety of manufacturing processes and industries, including cement, power, mining, coal treatment, pollution control, oil and gas, ethanol and steel. They are used for a myriad of applications, including supplying combustion air for burners, to move dirty air streams, remove particulates from exhaust streams, ventilating mine shafts, blowing coal dust into power plant furnaces, recirculate process gases, or induce drafts in kilns used to manufacture cement and other materials. Due to the extreme environments in which they are often used, these fans are frequently subject to corrosive chemicals, high temperatures and abrasive air streams. Therefore, for reliable service they must be carefully engineered.
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